Group Gifting & Collaborating

Groomsmen, Events, Corporate!

Our group gifting program allows you to purchase (and personalize it if desired) existing Blue Claw products in bulk for a group or event. Whether you're hosting an event that needs a great parting gift or are looking for a way to thank your team for all they've done. We've got a solution!

Some more ideas:

1) You're getting married and want to get your groomsmen a personalized gift they'll have for years to come.

2) You're a realtor and want to give your clients a great housewarming present that bares the name of your agency.

3) Your business just hit a major milestone and want to reward the team with personalized gift that signifies the accomplishment. 

4) You manage a sailing club and are looking to provide a welcome gift to new members.

    It's all about the collaboration!

    And we love to collaborate! Looking for something that's a bit more customized? Lets talk about it. We can customize existing product to accommodate a specific need, and/or work with you to build something from scratch.

    Lets start brainstorming:

    1) You love our Duck Island Dopp Kit, but need it to match your corporate colors.

    2) You want to give each member of your team a tote bag, but have your own design/pattern in mind.

    3) You're a creator, and need help bringing your next project to life. 

    4) You run a small design shop and want to collaboratively develop a product with Blue Claw.

      A few examples:

      Customized Dopp Kits Manufactured Personalized Dopp Kits for Groomsmen

      Lets roll up our sleeves and get to work. Please contact our team directly: